Does your software count traffic automatically?

No. Although computer vision technology is improving all the time, there are many situations where current systems cannot collect accurate data. Some of the factors which make automatic counting very difficult are:

  • Poor weather conditions (snow, fog)
  • Poor camera setup (glare, poor contrast, poor focus)
  • Vehicles and other objects partially blocking the camera view
  • Shadows interfering with object detection algorithms
  • Algorithms to count and track pedestrians and cyclists are very expensive and technically challenging
  • Classification into a large number of classes requires a huge amount of computer 'training data'

Some of these problems can be reduced by mounting cameras very high up, but this is often not practical, especially in temporary surveys.

Our platform is designed to make manual data collection as efficient as possible, whether or not there are adverse conditions. Enumerators can adjust the brightness of video, which helps significantly with poorly lit scenes.